For my children I have a dual boot machine with Linux and WIndowsXP. In Linux I use Dansguardian to keep the bad world out, but I've no such a reliable (and affordable) content filter for windows. Would the following scenario be feasable:
1. Setup colinux on XP
2. Install DansGuardian/Squid on colinux
3. Tell the windows browser (IE) to use colinux as proxy
4. Let CoLinux connect to the web, and
5. Let DansGuardian check the content.

Important questions are further:
1. Can CoLinux be started at XP-boot automatically
2. How much will this approach affect the performance of the PC

One further, a bit off topic, question:
The PC has a AMD 2x 64 5000+ on board. My winXP will only use one of the cores (I think). Would it be possible to make CoLinux use the other core?

Thanks for your thoughts.