Hello readers,


As a new user of colinux Im unable to connect colinux to the internet.

Im using the TAP connection ( <network index="0" type="tap" name="TAP"/)

When I start Colinux (with debian) everything seems to work. My tap network card tells me that it has a 10mb network connection.


I can ping from colinux : the tap network card , the eth0 networkcard (default) and the windows network card ( But I cannot ping my router or any other IP address on my network (not counting the system colinux is installed on) or on the internet.

I have already set the DNS settings in colinux/debian but if the IP address is not working the name will also not work)

From windows I can ping the windows network card and the tap network card and the address (eth0).

Im ( to reduce the problems) not running a firewall on the system I’ve installed Colinux on.

Im using window 2003 server.

It feels like Im close to get it all working but what did I forgot to get it really working.


Thanks for the help