I'm trying to setup coLinux on Gentoo (kernel 2.6.5).
Managed to build 0.6.1 snapshot with a few changes but now I hit couple problems that I need help with...
Problem 1:
network daemon can not open /dev/net/tun device. Do I need to create the dev node(s) manualy? What parameters should I use?
Problem 2:
I had to change console/head.cpp since my version of FLTK (1.1.4) no longer has global event hook variable. I'm calling Fl::add_handler() to set event hook but it doesn't seem to work either. The event handler is not receiving events and console window does not respond to input. Have anyone seen this before?
Other than these two, everything else appears to be ok. At least coLinux boots Gentoo-deluxe to login prompt with no unexpected errors.
Appreciate your help,