I dont know about the GL bit but this is what I do:
in cygwin:
X -ac -multiwin
and then in coLinux:
export DISPLAY=
and then run the x program
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Thanks for your thoughts ...

What I am trying to do is get Blender working with colinux/gentoo.
I don't really need the SVGALIB I think, but I also don't really have a clue about what I'm doing ;-)

So, maybe I should ask this way: I have Win XP Pro with Cygwin/X running and would like to use XWin_GL as XServer for
blender running on coLinux ... either gentoo or debian image.

Does this make (more) sense?


Samuel Liddicott wrote:
"Tomasz Sterna" <tomek@xiaoka.com> wrote in message
mail wrote:

I am trying to get SVGALIB compiled with the gentoo i386 image, but
fail due to the following:
* Could not determine your kernel version.
2.4.26-co-0.6.1 is not compatible with the Gentoo kernel naming scheme,
thus portage is confused.

I dont think SVGALIB would have worked either, I dont think coLinux fakes
any SVGA hardware.


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