Qnx4ever wrote:

> but I'm a bit annoyed by the tone of your messages.

You are easily annoyed. Maybe your skin is too thin.

I see no reason for you to be annoyed. You are not on

The list of colinux developers. So what is your relation

To the colinux project if any? If you don’t work for colinux project then your comments should be ignored.


>Maybe there's something wrong with your PC if no one >else had similar issues ?

This PC had no blue screen crashes for 5+ years of running Windows XP. The crashes only occurred when I started running colinux and they don’t occur on the days

That I don’t run colinux. Since many users may not frequently use up 95% or greater of memory they may not encounter this problem.


>Does anyone care about this new Ubuntu release,

Maybe the thousands of downloaders of Portable Ubuntu do care.


>piss everyone off ?

I doubt if you speak for everyone.  Your comments are no  help to anyone.


>>These things that you have asked me to try seem like a >>waste of time so far.

>>It would be better if somebody that understands >>colinux well looked at the patterns in memory where >>the corruption is detected to see if they recognize >>anything related to what colinux is doing.

The operative word here is “seem”.  Here I am suggesting  a more productive path than the trial and error method that was suggested. I have spent 2 months so far with Kaspersky and Colinux trying to solve this problem. Kaspersky has determined that it is not caused by them. The tests with ndis, pcap, slirp indicate that it does not matter which networking mode is being used as the crash occurs on all modes. Obvious, I find this frustrating that it is taking so long to get this problem solved.