I have success with colinux 0.6.0 on one Win2k Box.  It works great.  I can do Debian, Fedora, and after some work, I have even gotten a graphical version of Knoppix 3.3 to work.  I'll share it for those who are interested.  But first....
I seem have to run into a snag and need some help.
I have a second Win2K that also has 0.6.0 but after the kernel boots and the first shell starts, the CPU pegs to 100%.  It doesn't matter which root filesystem I use.  I also notice that if I do a vmstat or 'watch cat /proc/interrupts', I get an extremely large amount of interrupts happening.  Also if I run the date command and then run it again a few seconds later, the time has advanced by several minutes.
Does anyone have any ideas I can check?  Any possible causes for this phenomenon???
Please, this is important so that I can get this working, then I can get back to making my knoppix image better.