I'm new to co-linux. I wanted to thank you for such a great program!
Until hardware is free..........I decided I have to use windows still :(
...CoLinux helps.. :)
I'm going to be compiling Elf files from freepascal compiler with CoLinux, so that I don't have to dual boot just to create a CGI application for a linux server. The problem is: I love linux, but windows may offer me to pay for food/expenses moreso than linux, for the time being. So co-linux helps bridge that gap between someone who still needs linux as the server, and windows as the desktop/CGI development enviroment.
NEWS HEADLINE: "Develop ELF CGI applications in a Windows IDE or text editor, without ever using a Linux hardware box!"
Yes it's better than VMware, VNC, Cygwin, etc. Thanks to colinux.
So CoLinux seems to be the answer! I'm going to tightly integrate colinux into a Win32 text editor (IDE) in order to compile, and upload ELF CGI applications to a linux server.. from a  windows machine.
I wanted to ask a flamewar style question too:
Why is the colinux config file in XML? It seems so verbose compared to the standard linux config file type ;) I think XML is very verbose for a simple config file like this. I'd rather edit the file line by line like a regular 'ol linux config file.