David Kaufman - 2005-12-02

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Fw: my request that initiated this discussion

David Kaufman <david@gigawatt.com> wrote:
>>> Does coLinux not "know" that it is being suspended?
Is there
>>> another apm event that I can hook into?

and Henry Nestler <Henry.Ne@Arcor.de> replied:
>> coLinux does currently not forward any apm events.
This would be a
>> nice feature for "colinux service" and command line
runing version.
>> For me, I know this and restart my network by hand. :-(

[...] because I'm now using bridged networking
instead of NAT my colinux box now has to get it's dhcp
address from the external network, not from Windows
Connection Sharing.

And [ifdown/up works, but] It would just be really nice
for me if coLinux fired off an apm event when the laptop
resumed, so I can create an /etc/apm/event.d script that
gets kicked off on resume, right when I may have relocated
it onto a new network, and when I need it to get a new IP
address if necessary.

Windows does this. It wakes up and knows that it might
not be in Kansas anymore, so it sends out a dhcp renewal
request and, if it's last IP was from home, and it is now
at work, the server will offer it a new valid address and
voila: the system adapts to its new environment instantly.

But coLinux I have to kick.

It's a small thing, really. But a feature I'd really be
glad to see!