can use interrupt in console windows

  • mardor

    mardor - 2007-04-04

    My console window (either nt or fltk) works fine BUT I can't use the ^C to interrupt a process running.

    BUT...^C works as expected when I ssh in.

    Also, in either (console or ssh) window the backspace works ok BUT when running vi if I try using
    backspace I get ^? isn't a vi command  (^? is usualy a sign of the Delete key) so I tried using
    the delete key instead (incase they were mapped opposite) and that works like the delete key
    should in vi (deletes characters in the forward direction).

    • Henry N.

      Henry N. - 2007-05-11

      CTRL-C was blocked to not kill your running linux without properly shutting down the file system.  In new coLinux version (0.7.1 and later) you can close coLinux with the 'x' on top right corner.  This sends CTRL-ALT-DEL to Linux and it should shutdown.  Please set '-h' in your /etc/inittab for shutdown and HALT on the keys CTRL-ALT-DEL.


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