Winpcap for bridged connection

  • simonc2

    simonc2 - 2006-12-28

    After much frustration I have at last got coLinux to communicate with Windows - they can ping each other, but I haven't figured how to do anything else yet.

    I now want to get coLinux (Debian version) to communicate with the internet using the "recommended setup" on the help page which suggests two coLinux adapters, one bridged using Winpcap. I have put the following line in the xml file to create the second adapter:

    <network index="1" type="bridged" name="Local Area Network"/>

    but it doesn't allow any connection with my windows Local Area Network. There is no entry for eth1 in the file /etc/network/interfaces and nothing shows up with ifconfig.

    Please could someone explain what I need to do in coLinux to make this second network work. Many thanks.

    • simonc2

      simonc2 - 2006-12-29

      Funny how often just posting a message on a help forum stimulates you to find the solution yourself.

      I added lines to the /etc/network/interfaces file to describe eth1 with the IP addresses I needed and ... it worked.


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