Connect to internet (wifi) bypassing the host

  • meubuntu

    meubuntu - 2011-10-28

    HI, I have installed portable ubuntu on XP and able to connect to internet, but I assume it is piggybacking on the host (xp) network. Not very much support available for pubuntu but I believe it is based on colinux. Is it possible to dirrectly connect colinux to internet without using the host system net connection? I even donot need colinux to talk to the host. If I have a wifi hotspot device (mifi / tethered smart phone) , can I connect pubuntu to that device network directly (even if the host XP does not have any wifi configured / enabled). So basically colinux and host be two separate machines with separate net connection. Is that possible?

    Please share your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

  • Henry N.

    Henry N. - 2011-11-08

    coLinux has not direct hardware access.
    So, coLinux must use the host network adapter over the software layer of Windows host.

  • David Reuveni

    David Reuveni - 2011-11-10

    Hi Henry,
    although you must use windows hardware, you can hide it from windows by changing the settings of the connections in the networks control panel. When you open the properties of the connection you are using with colinux, disable the client for microsoft networks, file and printer sharing and IPv4 boxes by removing the tick. Windows will no longer use this connection, only colinux. I found this a while back on the colinux website.

  • meubuntu

    meubuntu - 2011-11-15

    Hi David,
    Thanks for your response. I am looking for something similar. Could you direct me to the documentation in colinux website that you referred. What I am trying is to establish a wifi connection from colinux to my mifi device bypassing the host (without exposing the wifi connection to host network). Host is connected to corporate network by wired connection.
    Thanks again.

  • David Reuveni

    David Reuveni - 2011-11-17

    Hi meubuntu,

    sorry it took a while. I visited the colinux website but it has changed a lot and I can't even locate a Q&A or other help like there used to be. I will check my backups to see if I can find anything suitable. Might take a day or two.


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