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duplicate address error with bridge, static

  • Richard Adams

    Richard Adams - 2005-12-20

    I get the "eth0: duplicate address detected!" error after install with Bridged WinPCAP, static IP.

        0.6.2-linux-2.6.10 [Notes] (2005-02-04 04:09)

    on Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition, SP 1 (should note also configured as a domain controller an Active Directory Forest root)

    followed all setup instructions in WIKI to T,; used theoption:
        Setting up native network (Bridged), Step 1: Option 2: WinPCAP

    PS, because I intended to use this option, when I installed Colinux, I unchecked the option to install TAP.

    net section of colinux.xml :

        <network index="0" name='Local Area Connection' mac='00:12:4F:2E:F0:7E' type="bridged" />

    error on colinux boot:

    eth0: duplicate address detected!

    File: etc/network/interfaces

    auto lo eth0

    iface eth0 inet static

    iface lo inet loopback

    • Richard Adams

      Richard Adams - 2005-12-20

      not sure if this should matter, but one oddity is that I have another adapter, "Check Point Virtual Network Adapter For SSL Network Extender" installed, but hasn't been connected. It is a VPN client I use for work; it connects when I go to a special web page for work.

      I used to configure Checkpoint firewalls, a long time ago, back in Win '95 days; back then, the Checkpoint SecureRemote client would sometime hose people's network stack. Checkpoint is an awsome product, and that was years ago, but I thought I should mention this as maybe ther is some incompatiblity with WinPCAP.

    • Richard Adams

      Richard Adams - 2005-12-20

      This moot for me now, as I was able to get my setup running using TAP with the Windows bridging, and static IP's.

      Some notes that weren't entirely clear from the doc:

          1. If you have a static IP on the Windows box, be sure to doc. your settings before configuring the bridge, as they wil be wiped out. TAP install through the colinux installer creates an adapter called "Local Area Connection 2". I actaully went into this and gave it a static IP on the same subnet as the main adapter, but I'm not sure this was necessary, since what happens is that when you create the bridge, it creates a third adapter called "Network Bridge". This third one is the only one of the three for which you can configure IP settings. It gets defaulted to DHCP, so I had to give it a static; I gave it the same as the main adapter had before.

      There was a momentary loss of internet, or at least name res., in Windows. Since this box is using itself as DNS, with forwarders configured, I bounced DNS, then all was well.

      I set my colinux install to use a different static IP on the same subnet as the Win2K3 box. It all works fine now.

      Let me end by saying that this net bridging stuff aside, I found that after I read all the docs and wiki on colinux I could find, it overall wnet smoothly, and I very much appreciate this software. I find it wonderful that Debian and Win2K3 can live on my Dell like a happy family. Thanks to all you Colinux folks!!

    • David Bar

      David Bar - 2005-12-22

      See my message in the Open Discussion forum here, from August 22nd, 2005.

      I found in my case that this is related to IPv6. I offer several options to fix the issue.

      Let me know if this helped you.


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