gongjian - 2011-05-12

Running Colinux 0.7.9 with RHEL 5.
The first network in the guest OS's IP, and in my clinux config file is win-tap
The second network IP is,and in my colinux file is win loopback network.
The third network ip is getted from DHCP,and in my colinux file is Slirp.The IP address is
If mask or delete the third Slirp network,I can use Xmanager conect to my RHEL OS host's Desktop.But
if i unmask or add the third Slirp network,In Xmanager-Xbrowser can see guest computer,doble click this,
a latter can see this message box "XDMCP connection failed.Try again?".

And i use Wireshark to capture the network,the capture message as below

No.     Time        Source                Destination           Protocol Info
      1 0.000000          XDMCP    Query
      2 0.000815           XDMCP    Willing
      3 6.464733          XDMCP    Request
      4 6.474217           XDMCP    Accept
      5 6.475513          XDMCP    Manage
      6 8.467556          XDMCP    Manage
      7 12.469785          XDMCP    Manage

Anyone who has encounted this problem,can tell me why???

Thanks everyone.