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Debian ext3 image missing files?

  • Brad Goodman

    Brad Goodman - 2009-01-02

    I am trying CoLinux for the first time with the stock Debian 4.0 etch EXT3 file system image, as downloaded by the installer.

    When I decompress the 32MB bz2 image, it indeed comes out to the full 1GB image size.

    However, when I run colinux - things seem to come up properly - (at least to a CLI). I can login, etc. seems as though tons of files are missing  - there's no Apache, there isn't even *VI*!

    a "df" tells me that the disk size is about 1GB, however only about 171MB are in use.

    I can't beleve that I would have uncompressed this giant disk image which is mostly empty - nor that a stock distributon wouldn't have tools like "vi" - so I'd conclude that there is something really really wrong.

    There are no filesystem mount errors on startup.

    Any clues??

    • Henry N.

      Henry N. - 2009-01-03

      The images are made very small to save lot of donwload time. Install more programs is very easy.

      1. setup "slirp" as network, see
      It's default inside Debian 4 image. You needs only to add "eth0=slirp" in the colinux config.
      2. use 'apt-cache search ...' to locate the package name
      3. use 'apt-get install ...' to install the package

      The installed editor is typically nano.

      see also:


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