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  • Badri NarayananS

    coLinux Champs,
    I am using coLinux version 0.7.3. I use slirp for eth0. I have mounted one of my window folder using cofs.  I am seeing that certain apps like tar & configure randomly fail when executed on files present in the cofs mount. The errors are of the type "FIleX not present/Symlink cmd failed". FileX is a generated file and is actually present. Looks like the cmd timesout before the file can be created
    These errors go away when executing the same cmds with the same input with files present on the coLinux root file system
    Any pointers on resolving this issue would be extremely helpful.


    • Henry N.

      Henry N. - 2009-03-31

      Please update to version 0.7.4 from

      Some of these errors are fixed in the new version, for example see
      * Bug #2176188: File sync wrong on cofs, command after mv/rename fails.

      But remember: cofs is a FAT filesystem and not all of the native filesystems works there. Symlinks are not supported. There exist also some problems with timestamps. So, some make utilities means that the file is in future. This is a result from small timediff between Host and Guest. Builds on cofs are limited to use, that generally can not change.

      I'm preffer to compile under your home directory and sync your work with rsync to the cofs drive on windows side.


      • Badri NarayananS

        Thanks a lot for your help.


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