Starting multiple colinux instances hangs XP

  • Matthias

    Matthias - 2006-03-07


    I try to make coLinux start multiple Linux instances on a single Windows XP machine. Starting only a single instance works pretty fine, network is available using a TAP device under Windows.

    For the second instance, I made a copy of the root image file and the ramdisk (initrd.gz), installed a second TAP device under Windows and finally copied and adjusted the XML file for starting the instance.

    Starting this new configuration as sole instance is working pretty fine. But if I first start the first configuration and then this second configuration, the entire PC hangs on initializing the ramdisk.

    Is anybody here who already made some experiences in running multiple colinux instances on a single machine at the same time? Is there maybe something wrong with my XML config files? Are there any example configs available?

    Thanks for any answers in advance!

    Best regards,

    • Henry N.

      Henry N. - 2006-03-28

      You can run coLinux many often.  The limit is only your total physical RAM.

      First, please coment yout the initrd.  You need this only for the first boot to installing modules under /lib/modules.  All next boots runs without initd.

      Rename both TAP drivers into a name without spaces and use full names in the config.  Try to start without TAP, to check it is a problem relevant for TAP?

      I have run coLinux up to 4 different images, with mem=256MB+Swap, 32MB, 32MB and 32MB, on a PC with 512MB total RAM.



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