R/W access to Colinux files from WinXP

  • sae724

    sae724 - 2005-12-13

    Can anyone give me a steer for a program that runs on XP that can browse/explore/read and write to files within Colinux 0.6.2?  Colinux is currently found on the C:\Program Files\Colinux directory as a 3Gb file.

    I note that Ext2ifs is read only; and that Explore2fs is not recommended for Colinux 0.6.1.

    At present I am using VNC to open a graphical terminal, explore/move/delete and ftp to upload.  This works, but is more inconvenient than I would like.  Uploaded files need to be re-located after ftp, and permissions changed.


    • Ewan Grantham

      Ewan Grantham - 2005-12-13

      General suggestion is to run Samba, which allows you to treat the Colinux "partitions" as Networked drives. Of course if you go that route you will probably want to go with one of the 0.7.x development builds to take advantage of the much faster networking of that stream's TAP driver.



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