Marc Jessome - 2006-09-03

I just downloaded coLinux today, and installed it with debian.  Networking does not work, and I am unable to see my network (cant use apt-get, or ping my own network).  After setting my config file to <network index="0" type="bridged" name="Local Area Connection" mac="F0:12:34:56:78:9F" /> and I get an error when I launch colinux-daemon.exe with the title "colinux-bridged-net-daemon.exe - Entry Point Not Found" and the message "The procedure entry point PacketGetReadEvent could not be located in the dynamic link library packet.dll"

One part of the problem may be that I had to download packet.dll online, because earlier it gave me an error that it couldn't find it.

If anybody knows how I can fix this, or can suggest a better way to connect to my network, I would really appreciate the help.

Much thanks,