Unable to use the floppy and USB drive

  • JakkyTchong@yahoo.com

    I'm using TopologiLinux 6.0 on top of Windows XP sp2. My laptop has an AMD Athlon 64 3400+ cpu, and 2GB RAM, 60GB drive. USB floppy (Y-e data), USB drive (lexar Jumpdrive 1GB).

    Gnome: When I go in Computer and click on Floppy or Cd-rom it says:
    "Unable to mount the selected volume"
    Details for the floppy: "mount: /dev/cobd3: unknown device"

    if I do the following, in terminal, as root user, nothing is listed...:

    ls /mnt/LEXAR_MEDIA (the usb drive)
    ls /mnt/floppy
    ls /mnt/floppy1 (I don't know why it shows two floppy drives??? I only got one)
    ls /mnt/hd

    I've tried basically the same thing in KDE, but the same thing happens.

    Any ideas why I can't access those drives?

    • Stefan "Bebbo" Franke

      The easiest way to access windows disks - also hard disks with NTFS - is to install smbmount. This requires a working network connection from colinux to windows (see my own topic).

      Once you installed this, use

      smbmount //yourwindowscomputername/a$ /mnt/a -o username=yourwindowsusername

      then enter the password. (Do not use umlauts or characters which are different encoded under Linux and Windows!)

      now the device is fully accessible.



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