Why don't coLinux snapshots include build?

  • Bryan Ischo

    Bryan Ischo - 2007-03-08

    Hey all.  I got the Fedora Core 5 root image working with the coLinux-0.8.0 snapshot from 20070302.  It is truly awesome to run Linux cooperatively with Windows.

    However, I am unable to compile a kernel module for the Cisco VPN client on the coLinux system.  The reason is that the modules directory which comes with the snapshot has broken links for /lib/modules/2.6.17-co-0.8.0/build and /lib/modules/2.6.17-co-0.8.0/source.  On a "normal" Linux system, these would be links to the Linux source tree from which the modules were built.

    In this coLinux installation, they are broken links pointing off to someone's home directory, presumably the place where the packager of this snapshot built the kernel from.

    Unfortunately, this means that this is *not* a complete Linux system; it is missing critical pieces for building kernel modules.

    I have tried building a custom kernel but it turns out that the version of gcc installed on the Fedora 5 coLinux root disk itself is too new to build a kernel for that version of coLinux.  I started to try to use the build-cross.sh script but am running into difficulties.

    Surely there must be a better way: the packagers of these snapshots should include the kernel tree that they built from, and make the links point to the kernel tree itself (which would mean packaging the kernel tree along with the modules, but so be it).

    Does anyone build coLinux like this, and have a version available for download?


    • Stefan "Bebbo" Franke

      The best thing you can do is:

      - download also the source package (e.g. devel-colinux-20070302.tar.gz)

      - untar it (~/devel-colinux-20070302) and cd to the folder

      - run: ./configure and get the missing packages
        I had 2 problems here
        1. fix the link for gcc to point to gcc-3.4
        2. create a batch for "unix2dos" and install the recode package
           recode lat1..ibmpc $*

      - run: make kernel
        this downloads some stuff you need

      you will end up with a folder ~/build which contains


      now fix the links

        /lib/modules/2.6.17-co-0.8.0/source --> ~/build/linux-2.6.17-source
        /lib/modules/2.6.17-co-0.8.0/build  --> ~/build/linux-2.6.17-build

      hope this helps you out



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