• James Mansion

    James Mansion - 2008-06-03

    Is it possible to use wubi with Ubuntu 8.04 to create an installation image within a file, and then use that image with colinux?

    • James Mansion

      James Mansion - 2008-06-03

      Actually - I see from wikipedia that TopologiLinux does something similar and can be run with colinux.
      So maybe the technicalities are solvable.

      I didn't know about TopologiLinux.  I would probably rather use Ubuntu if possible just to get the breadth of package support, but it does seem to do what I'd like.  Now to find some time ...


    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2008-12-16

      I did it !

      I have try it, using wubi's files (root.disk , swap.disk) to create a colinux session...

      it works only on console...

      ...for now.

      Thiere is a few thing to do before being able to make it work gaphical...

      I'm still working on it....



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