Problems with udev in gentoo

  • Alex Yakovlev

    Alex Yakovlev - 2010-07-06


    I've just installed coLinux with outdated gentoo image and after upgrade it works almost fine, but fails to load udev.

    With udev-158 I get an error during boot time:
    udevd: inotify_init failed: Function not implemented

    With older versions errors may differ (e.g. "error getting signalfd" with udev-145).

    udev-141 works fine. I'm using devel-coLinux-20100702.exe so kernel is new (

    After some gogling I found that the problem may be caused with inotify disabled in kernel.
    Is coLinux kernel compiled with inotify, or my problem is somewhere else?

    Regards, Alex

  • Henry N.

    Henry N. - 2010-07-06

    Hello Alex,

    inotify is enabled:

    colinux:~> zgrep "INOTIFY" /proc/config.gz

    Label "inotify_init" exist and is exported:

    debian:~# grep "inotify_init" /proc/kallsyms
    c10b10f0 T inotify_init_watch
    c10b1990 T inotify_init
    c10b2a70 T sys_inotify_init1
    c10b2ba0 T sys_inotify_init

    Please check the udev. Locate the command how the udev checks the symbol. Maybe the script tries to find the symbol "inotify_init" somewhere we don't have? For example via missing file "/boot/"?


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