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Adding more SLIRP port redirection at runtime

  • Thien

    Thien - 2008-03-22


    I would like to add more port redirection for slirp after coLinux has already started (similar to ssh, where you could escape back to ssh control and add/delete additional port forwarding entry).  Is it possible in coLinux?  For now, I have to edit the configuration file and restart coLinux everytime a new port is needed to be opened to the outside world.

    Thanks much

    • Henry N.

      Henry N. - 2008-03-29

      Currenty no other way is available.

      But you can leave open some more ports or a port range, more as you need currently. Than you have reserve for next time aoyou would open a new port.
      For example 100 ports from 2200 to 2249 are redirected:


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