Swap-signature error and fedora core

  • Paul Gittings

    Paul Gittings - 2004-05-25

    I thought I had followed the Colinux install instructions correctly, but when I boot colinux with the Fedora RC1 core I noticed I was getting "Swap-space signature" error.  I double checked the colinux config file and I seemed to have set everything correctly.

    To "fix" the problem,  I logged in as root and ran:
        "fdisk /dev/codb7"
    /dev/codb76 corresponding to the device I had configured for the swap space in the colinux config file.

    fdisk reported that it had fixed a thing or two but hadn't written changes. Entering a "w" at the Fdisk promopt worte the changes.

    I than ran:
         "mkswap /dev/codb7"
    I then shut down the system with
       telinit 0
    and when I brought it back up again the problem was gone.

    My knowledge of Linux is limited, so my question is, did I do the right thing?


    • Paul Gittings

      Paul Gittings - 2004-05-27

      A much better description of what to do (which doesn't include as many typos as my late night effort above), can be found at:



    • Paul Gittings

      Paul Gittings - 2004-05-27
    • xisque

      xisque - 2004-09-23

      I try to run fedora core with 62, but I got the same swap-signture problem, I cant even use fdisk with that partition.
      So, I try to use a Debian swap partition (that one wich we must download to make debian work with colinux) and now everything is fine. Maybe the swap file which comes with colinux-fedora-core package have a little problem.


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