How to access network from the second machine

  • thuongshoo

    thuongshoo - 2009-03-20

    Hi  !

    I have two CoLinux machines. I started one by one. The second machine can not access network longer. How to?

    I assigned hardware address to fixed and different address. Each machine has two network cards. One is connected to Internet card by Tuntap and other is connected to Windows' TuntapCoLinux network card.  Internet card  is windows' real card, is  also a NAT card.

    How can I do ?

    Please! :)

    • Chunsheng Wang

      Chunsheng Wang - 2009-04-14

      I have the same question also. Can any one help? Thanks!

      • Henry N.

        Henry N. - 2009-04-14

        You needs two TAP devices for this. Etch for every running coLinux instance.

        You can add it by Windows device manager (select add "non plug and play hardware"), select network adapter and the manually way with "have a disk", than point to the file "OemWin2k.inf" in the directory "netdriver" from coLinux installation.
        Or: Run "tapcontrol.exe install OemWin2k.inf TAP0801co" inside the directory "netdriver".

        You needs to rename (best without spaces) the TAP-Devices with a name you must give in coLinux config later. Both tap devices needs to exist in a separate network for example 192.168.0.x and 192.168.1.x.

        In one config you must write:

        In the other coLinux config must use the second TAP name and a different MAC:

        Remember: You can not simple transmit network packets between both coLinux sessions in this example. For such, needs to add some static routes inside both coLinux guests and needs to enable the ip-forwarding inside Windows.

        More simply way would be to use pcap-bridge or slirp.



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