tjack74 - 2006-03-07

I am pretty green with Linux and maybe that is why I can't make networking work, but I can't.  Can someone help without sending me off to read a bunch of stuff I don't understand?  I am trying to install on a machine with Win XP SP2.  The machine sits on a network with address and I can't change that so I have the limitations associated with.  The machine is a notebook which must connect primarily with its built-in wireless adapter, although it would be nice to be able to connect via hardwired ethernet as an option too.  I am running the latest version of Colinux with Debian  (no XML config file) 

If you could tell me exactly what I have to do to make this work I would be forever grateful.  I am at the end of my rope.  I have read everything I can find and tried it all to the best of my understanding and ability.  I just can't make it work. I have reinstalled so many times I expect I will wear out the CD Drive soon (LOL)  Thanks if you can help me.