hagan - 2008-12-15

So i've got this strange problem, the network interface stops working if i'm running colinux as a service (no eth0 device on debian).  However, if i run the very same conf file from the command line, the network works fine... A while back, running the service worked too, but lately things aren't working so well.. I was suspicious an update to windows broke something, and I've gone so far as to reinstall everything (colinux,winpcap etc...) but nothings fixed it yet.

So my next thought is something might be configured wrong with the service, but I'm not sure where to go with that.  Has anyone had a similar problem or might know what trouble i'm having? 

my network line looks like:


where the X's match my networks mac address....

And i'm calling my conf file by:
colinux-daemon.exe @d:\coLinux\server.conf --install-service "Colinux Server"
net start "Colinux Server"

Any incite is appreciated.