How to rebuild kernel?

  • wathavy wathavy

    wathavy wathavy - 2008-03-02

    I have downloaded coLinux-0.7.2 folder.
    But I have no clue I can access this source code for rebuilding kernel.
    Any instruction rebuilding kernel?
    Thank you.

    • David Leffler

      David Leffler - 2008-03-07

      While not a definitive answer, coLinux is different that standard linux.  The kernel is the 'linux.sys' file in the windows folder, not inside the image file.

      In standard linux you'd recompile the configured source normally in /usr/src/linux which would likely place an updated kernel file in /boot.

      In coLinux all this is done in the MS Windows environment.  A good site for info in this more complicated procedure would be Henry Nestler's

      FYI, I've never recomplied the coLinux kernel, so my explanation may not be entirely accurate.

    • Henry N.

      Henry N. - 2008-03-08

      Something was wrong above.
      'linux.sys' is the Operating System switcher and hardware device mapper (cobd, eth0, ...).
      'vmlinux' is the Linux kernel.

      Please read "4.2 Compiling the Cooperative Linux kernel" in doc/building inside the colinux source or more recent online:

      You can ignore the part of gcc version exactly matching. coLinux 0.7.2 has opened more.
      Usable gcc for kernel: 3.4.x, 4.0.x, 4.1.x, 4.2.x up to 4.3.0

      • wathavy wathavy

        wathavy wathavy - 2008-03-11

        Thank you for your information Henry.
        I will look into the referred documents ant try to rebuild it.
        Thank you again.


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