Dev build 20080420 boots to login, then hangs

  • a-koch

    a-koch - 2008-05-05

    Hi all,

    maybe someone can help me along since coLinux seems tantalizingly close: I installed the dev build 20080420 from Harry's site on Vista Business and attempt to boot a Ubuntu 8.04 installed on separate partitions. Note that this distro is able to boot standalone on my Core 2 Duo CPU.

    After setting up my hdaX aliases in the coLinux .conf file, I can run the colinux-daemon and the boot successfully proceeds to the Ubuntu login prompt. However, at that stage, the entire machine is frozen (mouse pointer doesn't move), but the cursor in the coLinux console window blinks extremely slowly (maybe once every 10-15s).  The only way out of that state is a hard powercycle of the machine.

    As far as I can tell, the boot proceeded normally. The only error message I can see deals with the hwclock/iopl 3 issue, all other init stages execute normally.

    Any hints on how to fix this are appreciated.

    Many thanks,

    • a-koch

      a-koch - 2008-05-05

      It should be Henry, of course, not Harry ...

      Apologies :-)

    • Henry N.

      Henry N. - 2008-05-06


      I have no Vista, so can't help with Vista specifics.

      "hwclock/iopl 3" is a message about blocked an i/o permission and no problem.

      Try to boot a minimal coLinux, for example the initrd self:
        colinux-daemon kernel=vmlinux initrd=initrd.gz root=/dev/ram0

      If initrd not works, you not need to test more with your partitions. Go to colinux-debug-daemon part.

      If initrd works, try to minimize your config for Ubuntu to check, what is the problem. Comment out all networks. Than enable devices step by step.

      Try to run without runlevel, for example such config:
        kernel=vmlinux hdaX=\Device\HarddiskX\PartitionY boot=/dev/hdaX ro init=/bin/sh
      With your specific device numbers for 'X'.

      Additionally run the Windows taskmanager and open a command prompt and run colinux-debug-daemon.
        mode con lines=200 cols=120
        colinux-debug-daemon.exe -d -p -s prints=31,misc=31
      After that, start coLinux.
      In normal case the debugger will show the kernel boot messages with some additionally informations from coLinux internals. The debugger would be stop outputs, if coLinux is in idle. If you see more after the "Login:" is present, it would be interesting.

      Of curse you can not control the mouse or keyboard. The question is, can you start and shutdown coLinux in one step?
      For example with such tricky command line:
        kernel=vmlinux hdaX=\Device\HarddiskX\PartitionY boot=/dev/hdaX ro init=/sbin/poweroff
      If yes, then please run "colinux-debug-daemon ... -f debug.xml" and send me the file "debug.xml" (zipped please).

      A totally other idea is, to install the latest stable version 0.7.3-RC3. This version is bug free. The devel is not tested so long and in development state.

      PS: Help forum will not read frequently from users. It would be better, if you open a bug report or much better mail to the User List. There exist some Vista users.



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