coLinux console resize

  • Gauthemen Sivanathan

    Hi there.. today i finally glad to have my coLinux with Gentoo working after 3 days of fighting with the xml tags. But i have a question here.

    How to resize the coLinux default console to bigger ?

    I found it too small to use. Any ways ?

    Additional Information:
    Im using: coLinux 0.6.4 (Latest stable version)
    Running on IBM Thinkpad.

    • Danny Staple

      Danny Staple - 2006-08-30

      My recommendation would be to get an SSH daemon running asap, and then use PuTTY which can be resized as much as you like.

      The default console is useful for some of the most basic operations, but I tend to avoid using it for anything beyond those.

      • aguspiza

        aguspiza - 2006-09-09

        Right and I will add that you can setup Colinux to run as a windows service and forget about that console at all

    • Morten Lied Johansen

      I was wondering about resizing it too, and the solution with PuTTY isn't applicable, because what I need to see is the startup logs.. I see some error messages scrolling by on startup, but there is no way to scroll back up. Some way of atleast increasing the scrollback buffer would be nice.

      • cameos

        cameos - 2007-05-25

        It's easier for you to use 'dmesg' or 'bootlogd' to check the error messages from putty+ssh

    • wttw

      wttw - 2007-05-28

      Facing the same problem, I tried to setup ssh. After a small fight, I got the software installed as described on the WIKI. If I now try to connect with Putty from my Windows host, it connects, asks me for my password but does let me in!
      Any idea?

      BTW, logging in with the same user & password on the console works.


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