pcap-bridge breaks networking

  • Freakazoid

    Freakazoid - 2007-08-06

    basically the subject line says it all: I needed a machine to sit on the network with it's own ip so I set it up with a pcap-bridge. I'd use slirp except I plan on dealing with samba so I can't exactly port forward port 139
    At first only colinux could talk to the network, after digging about a bit I found this: http://colinux.wikia.com/wiki/Network#WinPcap
    That helped some, but after a little bit everything went *foom*. Had to reboot the winbox to get networking back. The machine I was setting things up on is using the the nforce network chip built into the nforce 2 chipset. Setting it up on one machine because the target machine is my PVR box and doing it on one machine then moving it to another seemed easier than doing it remotely via VNC.
    Would it work better on the target box? Currently it's got a D-Link DGT-530T network adapter (aka De-Link... don't like them much but much of the parts for the PVR were scrounged so I can't argue)
    The PVR box also has a wireless card in it that's unused, could I perhaps hand off exclusive use of it to colinux somehow?

    • Freakazoid

      Freakazoid - 2007-08-15

      Gee... I just LOVE being ignored, thanks for nothing everyone...
      even an alternate suggestion as to how to do a bridged network setup (where the colinux machine has a ip on the real lan) would have been appreciated, did I get one? NOoooOOooo... I get ignored

    • Stefan "Bebbo" Franke

      There are plenty threads containing information, but well - here is my setup:

      My Windows config:
      - colinux 0.8.0 (a prerelease)
      - XMing
      - WinPcap 4.0

      - LAN connection, named "Local Area Connection" this name must match the name in colinux config
      - WLAN connection, named "WLAN"
      - TAP connection 1, named TAP-Bridge
      - TAP connection 2, named TAP-Loopback

      all connections but TAP-Loopback are using DHCP.
      TAP-Loopback uses the fixed IP address:

      Then create a network bridge for
      - Local Area Connection
      - TAP-Bridge

      Colinux config:
      eth0=pcap-bridge,"Local Area Connection",DE:AD:BE:EF:00:01

      Linux config /etc/network/interfaces (I us Debian 4.0):
      auto eth0
      iface eth0 inet dhcp
      auto eth1
      iface eth1 inet static
      auto eth2
      iface eth2 inet static


      export DISPLAY=

      The LAN connection is bridged and thus connected to eth0, which allows me to run servers once I am plugged in.
      Since I am not always connected and I want to use xterm all the time I use TAP-Loopback and eth1 for a local connection, which is the fastest connection I tested.
      To utilize the WLAN which might have a connection, eth2 is connected via slirp, which is convenient since slirp transparently covers reconnects and different IP addresses without reconfiguration.

      Good luck


    • Ion

      Ion - 2007-10-03

      ... with that attitude, be lucky someone gave you something to dig! Geez, you didn't give any info about your starting parameters, winpcap version installed, OS version...

      Anyhow, i'll give you this : don't try messing with winpcap and wlan adapters! You'll have to configure the same MAC address on the virtual machine and the host, which could "foom" your routing device - mapping the same MAC to 2 different IPs could mean trouble...


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