Why must we connect remotly to use GUI?

  • ViROID

    ViROID - 2005-06-07

    I managed to get everything up and running, updated debian and downloaded kde and vnc and whatnot, had everything working last night, this evening when I tried to connect to KDE through vnc I got a gray screen, pissed me off.  I figured it out though, turns out I had changed my hostname in linux and it fucked everything up.  Anyhow, WHY do I have to connect remotly to KDE?  I would really appreciate it if one of you guru's would explain that too me =)  off the top of my head, from what I've read about colinux I'd say it has something to do with the fact that Windows has control of the video init irq and it would conflict?

    I'm just curious..    Thanks in advance.


    • Tim Harvey

      Tim Harvey - 2005-06-09

      The answer as to why you must use VNC or a remote X server is because there currently is no virtual graphic adapter for colinux.  As for why, my guess is that nobody has attempted to write one yet.

    • Danny Staple

      Danny Staple - 2005-06-22

      Someone could possibly write some kind of directx based frame buffer device, and drivers for linux - but this would be a major effort.

      By using directx - you are sitting on the HAL, and therefore you could pass on most calls (eg OpenGl if your card supports them) directly to the hardware - this makes hardware acceleration possible. This would reduce any worries about problems with IRQ's or anything, and mean you could have it running in a window with a scaled frame buffer - or full screen. The end result should be not much slower than if it was running natively.

      While the code translating the calls may sound slow - it will be hugely faster than using X over a TAP network, or VNC. I am presuming that X is versatile enough to cope with this kind of complex driver, and that the device could be integrated well with colinux. An interesting challenge - but not one I have tinme for.


    • George P Boutwell

      As has already been said...  The reason is that there is no virtual graphics driver/daemon for coLinux.  An 'prototype' to show how it could be done has been posted to the developers, but it's still very much experimental with lots of limitiation and often slower than the current networking approach.  Work is being done to take this prototype to the next level and add it to coLinux, but it takes time, resources, and programmers.  coLinux as a project has few of all those things.  Thanks for your patience.


    • Xuefer

      Xuefer - 2006-04-01

      it is said the devel got it working.. for devel yet, any screenshots?


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