colinux crashes the system

  • Philip Zupancic

    Philip Zupancic - 2009-06-20

    Good morning!
    I'm having some difficulties installing colinux. I followed the wiki manuals and quite exactly, but when I run the colinux-daemon it hangs the complete system and I need the power-switch to restart. The funny thing is that I experience this on two windows vista installations on different multi-core hardware platforms. On a single-core xp system installing colinux was flawless. Any idea what could be the reason? I could post my config-file but as I said I followed the manuals and only did the very necessary changes to example.conf.
    Kind regards,

    • Henry N.

      Henry N. - 2009-06-29

      The most important question is: What coLinux version do you use?

      Perhaps it is the same problem as in Bug #2798299? Please follow some tips from this report:

      Try to find a way to enable minidump files under Vista. (I don't know how.) Such files we need to find the problem. Or set somethere the option to "not reboot" after BSOD, so you can note the bugsheck code by hands from blue screen. (3 hex numbers). Or check your event log and search for this bugcheck code.

      Please create a new Bugreport, if you don't have same results.


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