CoLinux FC6 consoles not working

  • Henk

    Henk - 2007-03-13

    With CoLinux 0.6.4, Fedora FC6 I get this message for every terminal: "There was an error creating the child process for this terminal". As a result I cannot use any consoles. I did not have this problem with my last CoLinux installation of FC3.

    This is what happens if /dev/pts does not get mounted. It is in my fstab file and when booting with FC6 (non-CoLinux) it works fine. Has anybody seen this? Is there a way to fix it in the XML startup file?

    Thanks for any help


    • Dr Bill C Riemers

      What I did to get things to work:
         1. Boot to run level level 1
         2. Manually add the devices to /dev.  I was too lazy to figure out which devices I needed,
            so I just copied all the devices from another image.
         3. Modify /etc/rc.d/rc.sys* to comment out start_udev.  (OK, I actually did something more tricky, but just commenting it out is good enough.)
         4. Reboot

      Good luck,



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