LAN Suite not detecting two NICs

  • Lech

    Lech - 2007-07-10

    I'm trying to get coLinux installed on a computer at work and I was hoping that someone who has done this can shed some light for me.  I'm behind a firewall and to get to external sites I have to use a proxy.  Also Windows [XP] ICS is disabled on these computers.  I tried using LANSuite 2004 to get NAT between the NIC and TAP, but when I try to check "Share Internet Connection with address translation (NAT)," I get an error that "At least two network interfaces are required for the network address translation (NAT)". 

    Has anyone gotten LAN Suite working?  I did a search and I couldn't find anything on lan suite.  Also how would I go about forcing TAP to go through a proxy?

    • Henry N.

      Henry N. - 2007-08-06


      first should use SLIRP as network protocoll:

      This allow you to use network from host without ICS or other changes. Your firewall (or router) than only seen your host on the network.

      Inside coLinux configure your programms (such browser) with your known proxy server configuration (ipaddress, port, perhaps user and password).

      The parameters for wget are  --proxy-user=user --proxy-passwd=password.

      Console programms mostly use environments, for example:
      export http_proxy=
      export ftp_proxy=

      This must also set for debian packet installer apt-get to installing more tools.


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