console blank after new kernel compile

  • kevin

    kevin - 2006-03-23

    I had to recompile the kernel to add framebuffer support.

    The system boots with lots of messages on the command window I started coLinux from.  However, the console launches with a blank screen.

    Is there somethin I am missing ?

    • Danny Staple

      Danny Staple - 2006-03-24

      Colinux itself does not support framebuffer. AFAIK  you are lucky that you havent crashed your windows box.

      With colinux, it is generally better to turn those things off, otherwise they may try to grab hardware that is already being used by windows, a catastrophic example being the PCI bus.

      If you have got framebuffer support, it may have tried to boot with a framebuffer based console, however the colinux console is a text only one. Again you get nothing, which was actually lucky.

      If you had networking functioning, and ssh, you may be able to ssh into your colinux instance, and then recompile a kernel without framebuffer support.

      I also fear that you may have compiled a kernel that doesnt have colinux support, which would not have worked at all.

      if you were trying to acheive a graphical box, then you are better off using cygwin as an x-server.

      What messages do you see on the command window?



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