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  • oneYearVacation

    oneYearVacation - 2007-08-31

    Brand new to coLinux. After a seamless download and install of coLinux-0.6.4 and selecting the Gentoo-2005.1-stage3-ext3, I followed the readme file commands:

    1) colinux-daemon.exe -c config.xml --install-service "Cooperative Linux"

    > daemon replies and ends with: service installed

    2) net start "Cooperative Linux"

    > daemon replies with:
      - The Cooperative Linux service is starting
      - The Cooperative Linux service could not be started.

      - The service did not report an error.

      - More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 3534

    Now, upon typing the above suggested command, I get:

      - The service did not report an error.

    So, what am I missing please?

    Thank you for your help.

    • Henry N.

      Henry N. - 2007-09-11

      First start colinux from an windows command prompt, for example:
        colinux-daemon.exe -c C:\colinux\config.xml

      Look for errors. After that starts right, install this as service and than use the "net start ..."

      To locate the error in starting services, you needs to start the colinux-debug-daemon before the "net start ...", this example lets view all prints in starting process to a logfile:
      colinux-debug-daemon -d -p -s prints=31,misc=13 -f mylogfile.xml

      doc for debugging exist here:

      Version 0.6.4 needs absolute paths for all files (block devices, kernel, initrd) and also for the config.xml self. Better, you joins to the new version 0.7.1 from stable snapshot. There are fixed some touble and relative paths are usable:


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