look of cygwin

  • Philip Zupancic

    Philip Zupancic - 2009-03-23

    Dear colinux community,
    I recently finished my first colinux installation yay. I use cygwin multiwindow as xserver on win and I am quite disappointed by its look. The windows seem to come from 20 years in the past with grey boxes, though I have seen screenshots where unix programs really look like their windows versions, like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Ubuntu_on_Windows_-_Firefox_vs_Firefox.png
    Can you tell me what changes I have to make? I use Win XP Pro with the debian image.

    • Stefan "Bebbo" Franke

      Maybe the reason is the window manager you are using. I am using XMING and I am content with the look and feel: X-Windows are all normal Windows windows.



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