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  • Michael Schmid

    Michael Schmid - 2009-06-23


    I'm using coLinux under Windows XP.

    My Problem is, that everytime I use shift, the character pressed at the same time (for upper case) is like repressed infinite. So if if write for example while"()" it writes in coLinux" while()))))))))))))))))))))))))))....." or sometimes "while()9999999999999...." (because "shift & 9" is ")"  :-) )

    Is this a known Problem/Bug?

    I have:

    - coLinux 0.7.3
    - XP SP3
    - Dell Optiplex 760


    • Henry N.

      Henry N. - 2009-06-24

      Hello Michael,

      What type of console do you use (NT or FLTK)?
      Has the console loosed the mouse focus on such case?
      How it's stopping this problem? You pressed any key or the same key again?

      I don't believe, that this is a coLinux bug. CoLinux receives one event per key and one per every repeat from Windows, and forwards to Linux only what it receives.

      I think, your keyboard or Windows keydriver is buggy?
      Open a notepad.exe and try the same keys there.

      PS: Helps and Open Discussion forums are not good place for bug reports. Please use "Tracker" - "Bugs" on SF for reporting.

    • Michael Schmid

      Michael Schmid - 2009-06-26

      I don't think that this is a Windows keydriver problem... (or not obviously). Because I'm usting this computer sind more than a half year now and I had this problem never under Windows.

      I use VNCViewer (Is it that what you wanted to know?)

      No, it doesn't loose the mouse in such a case....
      I can stop it by pressing another key...

      I'll try to update my keyboard-driver in windows. Maybe that helps


      • Henry N.

        Henry N. - 2009-06-26

        If you use VNC, then coLinux keyboard driver is not involved.
        VNC injects the keys in some other ways directly into the X11.

        If your keyboard works perfect under Windows Notepad, then an update would not solve your problem.

        Try to use an other VNC-Viewer (RealVNC, TightVNC, UltraVNC).

    • Michael Schmid

      Michael Schmid - 2009-07-02

      Changed to UltraVNC... Now it works (almost) perfekt. Before I had vncviewer...

      Thanks for your support!


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