access Xming via the loopback adapter

  • eadmaster

    eadmaster - 2011-02-08

    Is it possible?
    I've set the things up, but GUI programs can't access the X server…

  • eadmaster

    eadmaster - 2011-02-08

    in my colinux.conf i have:


    I've edited "X0.hosts" to accept clients from

    Then in colinux i did:
    export DISPLAY

  • Henry N.

    Henry N. - 2011-02-10

    The settings in your example would not work. There are two fatal errors. Or you are mixed two or more settings.

    The "Loopback" is not available with "" from Linux side. The IP under Linux would be mapped to on Host. The Transmitter is not for SLiRP and pcap-bridge in all cases, so adding to X0.hosts don't help.

    You can use SLiRP for Xserver. It is slow, but would work.
    For such setup you should use


    inside Linux leave eth0 automatic configured via DHCP and export the display like this:

    export DISPLAY=

    The Xserver must allow connections from localhost (, or simple add "-ac" to Xming command line.

    To use a faster network speed you should use TAP-Win32 and static configured IP address on both ends of that network. For example TAP-Win32 side: and Linux side eth1 with Remember 192.168.99.x should NOT match your default network on real Ethernet adapter!
    Configuration for coLinux:


    inside Linux:

    export DISPLAY=

    The Xserver must allow connections from or simple add "-ac".

    I assume, your network card is named "Local Area Network" and the address on Windows side is like

    Use your existing Ethernet adapter on host side:

    eth0=ndis-bridge,"Local Area Network"

    Inside Linux than setup eth0 with an IP address which starts with 192.168.0., for example (or enable DHCP), and use this export:

    export DISPLAY=

    The Xserver must allow connections from or simple add "-ac".

  • eadmaster

    eadmaster - 2011-02-11

    Thanks for your explanations!
    I've tried solutions A) and B).
    Since slirp performs quite well on my machine i will stick to A) by now
    and avoid having an extra interface in my OS.


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