cryptoloop module for Debian 3.0/linux-2.6.7

  • Peter Payne

    Peter Payne - 2006-02-26

    I was wanting to run a loopback filesystem encrypted with the twofish cipher. I was able to successfully execute 'modprobe twofish' with the downloadable Debian-20040605-mit.ext3.1610mb.bz2 image for colinux 0.6.3.

    I was unable, however, to run 'modprobe cryptoloop' and a search through the filesystem did not reveal the 'cryptoloop' module.

    The 'losetup' tool allows the use of ciphers but without the 'cryptoloop' module I won't be able to run my encrypted filesystem.

    Could I please request somebody compile for me the 'cryptoloop' module?

    • Peter Payne

      Peter Payne - 2006-03-07

      Perhaps there is an easy way for me to compile this myself? I did an "apt-get install kernel-source" but I wasn't able to run the "make menuconfig" command..

    • Peter Payne

      Peter Payne - 2006-03-08

      Meh.. without any responses to the thread I compiled the kernel for myself using the instructions given at: and ensuring I was using gcc-3.4 and had the libc6-dev package installed.


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