Can I assemble existing mdadam array?

  • Mesosphere

    Mesosphere - 2008-12-27

    Does anyone know if it is possible to assemble an existing mdadm array in coLinux.  So an array that was created in "stand alone linux" and use that same array in coLinux. 

    I'm looking for a way to get my linux and windows stuff working in parallel without loosing the graphical performance on the windows side or my raid array on the linux side.

    Any other "from my experience" knowledge for someone who has tried something similar would be appreciated.

    • Henry N.

      Henry N. - 2009-01-03

      yes, you can.

      You must load the raid modules, than you can mount it from a rootfs image file (for example from a Debian image).

      If you want to boot your raid, you needs to prepare a initrd for your.
      You must add 'modprobe raid0' or 'modprobe raid1' and perpaps some more modules in the initrd script (linuxrc).
      If your root "/" also is a raid, then you must copy the module files (or the complete module tree) into the initrd.

      You can unpack the coLinux initrd and add your things there. The coLinux inird is a gzipped cpio archive.

      Better, you would ask on coLinux Users mailinglist. I know, that some users runs a raid. In the coLinux bug #1569947 also exist some tips and problems with raid. Some bugs in code for block device are changed since this bug report. I don't know it is running or not now.


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