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Colinux doesn't work

  • planb22

    planb22 - 2005-12-12


    I have just dowloaded Colinux on win xp but after installation the windows of the programm open only for a second and disappear. During the installation I received an error message that win32 could not be recogised by microsoft. Any idea what might be wrong and how I could fix this, tried to download several times always the same result

    • Ewan Grantham

      Ewan Grantham - 2005-12-12

      Are you getting an actual blue screen crash, or are you getting a crash of just the command line where you are trying to run coLinux?

      If the latter, can you post your config and/or bat file so we can see if there's a path or other issue?

    • planb22

      planb22 - 2005-12-12

      No,the pop up window of the linux application appears for a nanosecond, then nothing, no messages etc. I could not find the prog. in the windows start menue table, I had to search for it manually on C:/desktop/programme/colinux

      • Danny Staple

        Danny Staple - 2005-12-13

        Could you share what config file you are using, and how you are starting it? There may be something obvious..

    • Nicolas Bertolotti


      The error message you get during setup is probably about the TAP driver (the fake network interface that is established between windows and the colinux machine uses it) whose driver is not certified for WinXP. It is not important.

      Also, I could notice that, when I specified a too big memory size in the .xml configuration file, the application failed to start the same way.

      Make sure the value you specify is less than the free memory you have on your system (type ctrl+alt+del and go to the "Performances" section to know how much free memory you have).

    • Nitro

      Nitro - 2006-01-05

      iam having the same problem as planb22 here...what you mean by config file, i dont really know

      • Danny Staple

        Danny Staple - 2006-01-06

        <p>Hi Nitro,<br />
        I suggest if you have not done so already, you read the colinux wiki <a href=""></a>.</p>

        <p>The configuration file is an XML file which contains the drive device mappings that colinux uses as well as basic kernel parameters. I understand that most of this may also be specified directly from the command line as well.</p>


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