64bit - Progress? | VBox or coLinux?

Barf Tub
  • Barf Tub

    Barf Tub - 2011-03-22

    Forgive me for asking some dirty questions:

    Is there yet any serious intention to begin work on a 64bit version within the foreseeable future?

    How is coLinux doing against VirtualBox and hardware virtualisation support?

    Has anyone done a performance comparison and would coLinux offer anything that VBox in headless mode wouldn't?

    Thank you.

  • Robert Bradley

    Robert Bradley - 2011-05-01

    I was curious about this as well.  I believe they have a 64 bit version of TAP, but still some technical issues holding back the linux.sys driver.  I've been checking back now and then and haven't seen allot of updates on it.  If there is any active development going on for a 64 bit version port, I'd be more than willing to help test and provide feedback. 


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