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Problems building a co-linux kernel.

  • nigel spowage

    nigel spowage - 2004-01-26

    i thought i'dd give this a try but i've run into some problems building a co-linux kernel.

    i've downloaded and extracted both the linux 2.4.24 kernel and the co-linux tar.gz file. extracted and patched as instructed in docs/building

    i've created a .config with the co-linux options enabled, and tried building.

    the build tree appears to be missing include/linux/colinux.h

    is this file missing from the patches ? or is it meant to be auto generated ?

    I'm aware this project is in its early stages and i'dd appreciate any help. If this is not an appropraite forum for this kind of question could you direct me to a better place.



    • Dan Aloni

      Dan Aloni - 2004-01-26

      That tarball was the first public release of the sources, surely it contained some problems I overlooked.

      The issue you mentioned will be resolved in the next release.


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