problem when installing coLinux

  • praja

    praja - 2006-11-02

    why when i after installing coLinux in my computer, can't entering command promt Linux?
    i use colinux 6.2 and 6.4 unchanged...

    tanks for answer

    • kat600

      kat600 - 2007-06-08

      did you configure the config file to point to your distro file?

      Also did you setup coLinux as a service and start that service?

    • Quillby

      Quillby - 2007-08-19

      I used colinux 0.8.0 with Mandriva Free Spring 2007 version and connect to Linux with XDMCP using Xming. It works great. Your problem is difficult to solve because there is no explanation what you did and what the specific problem seems to be.


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