real hd...?

  • antony

    antony - 2006-01-20

    is there any chances to write back the colinux image to real harddisk partition..?

    how to do that..?


    • George P Boutwell

      Yes... Just set-up the HD space (make sure it's not an Windows partition, or a Partition that is in use/managed by Windows) as another block device, then follow the direction on the for how to enlarge images (basicaly do an cp -ax from the coLinux image to HD/Partition)

      You probably don't want to be in/booted on the image when you do this, you want to boot antoher image and mount the image you want to copy and the HD....

    • antony

      antony - 2006-01-21

      but how about boot sector, the kernel, and initrd.gz, and modules how to make that..?



      • JViz

        JViz - 2006-07-20

        You might be able to use dd in linux. Try attaching the HD to a seperate comp with the image you want copied and the HD you want to recieve the image copy. Then you could probably do something like `dd if=root.img of=/dev/hdb1` or some such command.

        Don't quote me on this, I'm not sure if it will even work. I seriously doubt this would work in Windows with the dd port. Windows likes to monopolize disk access.

      • JViz

        JViz - 2006-07-20

        Wow, I really gotta watch the age on these. I don't know why this was at the top of the forum list.


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