colinux boot FS for ubuntu7.10

daway cai
  • daway cai

    daway cai - 2008-02-15

    download site:

    • daway cai

      daway cai - 2008-02-16

      colinux is a flexible virtual machine solution that like a windows application to run linux on windows platform.
      and it can replace vmware/virtual box/virtual pc to run linux on window
      1)ubuntu7.10 boot image:
      ubuntu7colinux.rar (ubuntu7coliunx3gb.fs, colinux.cfg, cai.bat ...)
      how to use colinux boot fs image for ubuntu7.10

      (1) extract ubuntu7colinux.rar to D:\
      (2) execute stable-coLinux-20080118.exe to install on c:\colinux folder or default folder.
         the file in the d:\ubuntu7colinux\setup\  folder.
         comment: download new version from

      (3) run cai.bat on d:\ubuntu7colinux folder.

      (4) ID/passwd is root/root

      (5) you can install ubuntu softwares with apt-get install xxx/apt-get update/apt-get upgrade
      2)others documents:
      ubuntu7colinux-readme.rar (cai2install.txt etc)
      3)deb files:
      copy *.deb file to /var/cache/apt/archives and install with apt-get install xxx.
      4) colinux+ubuntu7.10+xming/x-win32

    • Henry N.

      Henry N. - 2008-03-21
      • - Wanderer -

        - Wanderer - - 2008-05-23

        In the readme.txt file there is something about a Ubuntu7.bat but this file is missing. It would be helpful for users not very familiar with coLinux.

        • Henry N.

          Henry N. - 2008-05-23

          Sorry, yes, I know. Was a mistaken by me. Please read the "notes" at

          * Create a file Ubuntu7.bat with this entries:
            REM The ^ at end of line does continue the long command line under NT
            colinux-daemon kernel=vmlinux ^
             initrd=initrd.gz ^
             cobd0=Ubuntu-7.10.ext3.2gb.fs ^
             cobd1=swap128.fs ^
             cobd2=ubuntu7os.iso ^
             eth0=slirp ^
             eth1=tuntap ^
             cofs0=. ^
             root=/dev/cobd0 ro

    • - Wanderer -

      - Wanderer - - 2008-06-02

      Great. Many thanx. I can't get it to work as i want it yet (through a .conf file which resides in a subfolder, along with the .fs images) but it works through the command-line. The display fonts however are terrible. Is there a way to set the display font? I'm using XP SP2.

      • - Wanderer -

        - Wanderer - - 2008-06-02

        Answering myself.

        Set the following environment variable:
          Lucida Console:12

        It wasn't that easy to find though... :( I expected to find something in the site's FAQ but... no luck. I found it after some time, googling and searching through the text docs in coLinux's installation dir. Perhaps the installation should set that variable by default.


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