hanpedro - 2007-01-31

Ask and suggestion for managing raw partitions and disks

I've found something in occuring problems when colinux (and other virtual machins, vmware, bochs) handles raw partition or disk.

It is inconsistency problem, as you know well.

But If you load acronis disk suite, and put command somethis for holding acronis's "lock partition or disk", there are no problem. It is also can be found Terabyte's Image for Windows's PHYLock™ -http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/utilities.html

After successfully locking partition and / or disk, we can use it for colinux machine as native.

My question is how I can use this PHYLock™ with colinux. If colinux supprt this PHYLock™, It will be great.