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XP x64

  • Jay Paroline

    Jay Paroline - 2009-04-17

    It seems like most of the pieces are in place for getting coLinux to work on XP x64, the missing piece being the linux.sys driver: http://colinux.wikia.com/wiki/Dashboard_for_developing_a_64_bit_coLinux

    I know it's not much of a priority right now, but if someone would compile a 64 bit version I would be more than happy to test it out. I don't know if it's a simple recompile, but it should be a lot simpler than building one for Vista x64.

    • Jay Paroline

      Jay Paroline - 2009-04-18

      Hi Henry,

      Yes I am able to install unsigned drivers without any difficulty in XP 64.


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